Passion driven masterpieces.

Autodidact oil painter with the aim for capturing emotions and atmospheres.

Being inspired by the ancient mythologies and the Italian Renaissance, I strive to create art with multiple interpretations using mixed media in order to transform my passion into modern, original masterpieces. The fascination of mysterious, ancient myths, the Renaissance’s great masters and my curiosity has motivated me to create and pursuit art, since a very young age.

I love to study and believe in lifelong learning. I hold a Master’s Degree in Experience Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Technology. My studies have influenced the topics of my paintings as well as my interest in philosophy, psychology and art history. Some of my goals is to create art that makes people curious, make people talk with each other and discuss interesting subjects. 

“Every painting of mine holds meraki”

Soul. Creativity. Love. 


“When you buy a painting of mine, you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. Years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul.. a small piece of someone else’s life.”

  – Stephanie Dyrby