Heart no. II

600,00 DKK


From sculpture collection What Money Can’t Buy šŸ«€

One-of-a-kind sculpture. Measures about 11 cm.

The sculpture is suitable for a small bouquet or flowers from the garden. Washable.

*The bouquet shown in the pictures is included but may differ*


Shipping in Denmark

Recycled packaging

Art with conscience

1-14 day

The experiences

What People say

I've never longed for something like that... It meant a lot when I saw it (fell in love with it.) Those are the colors and type of art I am looking for.

John Samson


The art fits perfectly to our home, my wife loves it and so do I. Happy to have your art and looking at it every day.

Rudi Simonsen


So very imaginative and intriguing. A real conversation starter and art Iā€™d never tire of.

Julie Canning

United states

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