Heartless or brain-dead no. I

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From sculpture collection What Money Can’t Buy šŸ«€

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One-of-a-kind sculpture. Measures about 14 cm.

The sculpture is suitable for a small bouquet or flowers from the garden. Washable.



The sculpture “Heartless or brain-dead” stands as a compelling visual metaphor, striking a poignant balance between the rational and the emotional, the intellectual and the visceral. The artist’s deliberate decision to blend the halves of a human brain and heart into a single, symmetrical form invites a complex and thought-provoking interpretation.

On the one hand, the sculpture can be seen as a commentary on the human condition, highlighting the duality of our nature. The brain, the seat of logic and reason, is seamlessly interwoven with the heart, the source of our emotions and intuition. This juxtaposition suggests that these seemingly opposing forces are not mutually exclusive but rather coexist in a delicate balance. The sculpture implies that true understanding and fulfillment require a harmonious integration of both intellect and emotion.Its’ title “Heartless or brain-dead,” further emphasizes this ambiguity. It invites the viewer to question the validity of these labels and to consider the potential consequences of suppressing either one of these essential aspects of our humanity.

The symmetrical arrangement of the brain and heart halves creates a sense of balance and harmony. While the smooth, polished surface of the sculpture creates a sense of refinement, its contrasts with the raw, organic shape of the form, suggests the primal and uncontrollable elements of human nature.The interplay of these opposing elements adds depth and complexity to the sculpture’s message.

“Heartless or brain-dead” is a sculpture that demands attention and reflection. Its striking visuals and thought-provoking symbolism invite the viewer to engage in a dialogue about the nature of human experience. It is a reminder that we are not defined by one aspect of our being but rather by the intricate interplay of our rational, emotional, and intuitive selves.


*The bouquet shown in the pictures is included but may differ*


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I've never longed for something like that... It meant a lot when I saw it (fell in love with it.) Those are the colors and type of art I am looking for.

John Samson


The art fits perfectly to our home, my wife loves it and so do I. Happy to have your art and looking at it every day.

Rudi Simonsen


So very imaginative and intriguing. A real conversation starter and art Iā€™d never tire of.

Julie Canning

United states

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