Reminiscence – Original Painting

16.000,00 DKK


Original oil painting on gallery quality canvas with metal bronze and varnished.

Comes with certificate of authenticity.

Painting description: 

As a young individual I often wonder how life will turn out for me and whether I will be able to leave any positive footprints when I’m gone. I think we all wish to make a change in the world, and hopefully also for the better. But what exactly? When we are in doubt, it’s better to try and do something, rather than sit back with regrets later in life.

This painting portraits an elderly man, reminiscing about his life, his most precious memories and his regrets. Many “what if’s” goes through his head. Behind every winkle and scar there are memories filled with emotions, reminders and life lessons.

But this is only my view of this man’s face-expression. What is your interpretation? 

Reference is an Roman old statue (artist unknown) of the River God Arno, which was part of a fountain with a basin dating back to 170-180 BCE. The statue have been restored by various Renaissance artists, including the head. 

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 160 × 120 cm


Shipping in Denmark

Recycled packaging

Art with conscience

1-14 day

The experiences

What People say

I've never longed for something like that... It meant a lot when I saw it (fell in love with it.) Those are the colors and type of art I am looking for.

John Samson


The art fits perfectly to our home, my wife loves it and so do I. Happy to have your art and looking at it every day.

Rudi Simonsen


So very imaginative and intriguing. A real conversation starter and art I’d never tire of.

Julie Canning

United states

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